Monday, August 13, 2012

Amici Probantur Rebus Adversis

Friends Are Proved By Adversity

It is only after going through some sort of adversity that you realize who your real friends are.  As sad as it is to say, there's so much truth in that statement.  As connected as we seem to be with all the new technology, we have forgotten how to properly interact with one another.
A friend's birthday comes and goes, and we think that a FB post or a text should suffice.  Friends announce engagements, weddings, even pregnancies over the internet before calling those closest to them.  Friends go through some sort of adversity in their lives, and we think a simple post on their wall, reply to their tweet, or comment on their blog automatically replaces that undeniable need we have for human interaction.
While on one side, social media helps us reconnect with our cousins' best friend's sister's husband's little brother, we lose that amazing connection we have with our neighbors, friends, and family when we stop meeting at the park for dog play dates in order to keep in touch with friends online.
I am definitely guilty of this.  More so than most of my friends.  I am glued to my computer and feel "filled in" and up to date on everyone's life, but I've lost touch with some of my closest friends because we just drifted away, blaming it on our busy schedules to even fit in a phone call here and there.

I went in for surgery on August 4th. I stayed in the hospital for 4ish days.  I had a handful of visitors who took time out of their busy schedules, driving over 30 minutes just to see how I was.  The people I expected to see never showed.  One only sent me a message the day I went in, and then I never heard from her again.  Not while I was in the hospital, and not any time after.  A text.. really?  You have to choose your battles.  This one just isn't worth fighting for anymore.  I only want friends who want to be in my life.