Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T minus four weeks until Baby W*s arrival!

So I guess I'm about.. umm.. a few months overdue on an update?  hahaha.
Sorry family & friends... it's just been really busy these last few months.  LAW finally got home March 8, we hit the road on the 9th, got to AZ on the 10th, flew to TN on the 11th, spent two or three days in East TN, then about 4 or 5 in Memphis, then back to AZ, but not before I accidentally got our dates wrong on when we were coming home, so we drove 4 hrs to the airport in Nashville for a flight that wasn't happening until the following day. Woops.  No worries, just pregnancy brain.  Totally counts, right? :)  Or maybe it was my plan all along, I mean, I do love me some Nashville.  AND they were filming "Nashville" on Broadway the day we were there but I totally missed the action and didn't see any of the cast when they left the venue they were filming at.. dang it.  
Anyway, TN was great.  We spent time with LAW's grandparents, mom, youngest sister and her family the first few days, then headed to Memphis for a shower thrown by LAW's stepmom/dad.  So thankful to have them in my life.

AZ was super nice, too.  I don't miss the weather, but I love seeing my parents and of course, my friends, too.  It's too bad my oldest brother lives in Hawaii now.. well, not for him, but for me. haha.  and my other siblings had just gone to Hawaii to visit him, so they didn't make it to the shower. Oh well! My sister will be out here in June, so that's something to look forward to!

LAW bought a new truck while we were down there, and we got the settlement for the one that was stolen.  All in all, it ended up working out for the best.  I still wish I would've gotten my mamamobile but maybe next time thieves decide to break into my house, they'll steal my car instead. hahah.

AZ shower was a lot of fun. I'm super happy that so many people were able to make it.  the food afterwards was totally worth the wait, and I wish I would've gotten pictures of the cake - it was the cutest cake ever.
Sidenote: hey, awkward moment when someone walks into your parents' house and doesn't say a single word to you the entire time they are there, including when they leave hours later.  You're cool, person.  
Baby W*s family and friends sure do love him - thankful for all the gifts he got while we were away from home.  Kinda sucky about coming home though and realizing a few packages were MIA...  I think we got it all sorted out, though... I sent out thank you cards to everyone we received gifts from, so if you sent something and didn't receive a thank-you note back, please let us know, your gift may be MIA as well =/

After about a month of traveling "home" it was super nice getting back to my own bed/house.  Anyone that knows me knows I love roadtrips - 12 hours straight? piece of cake.  Not this time.  Splitting the drive between two days was hardly bearable. I'm still amazed at the exhaustion that comes with doing nothing other than growing a human being inside you.  Sounds so cliche, but it's unbelievably true.  

These last few weeks have been spent trying to get the nursery put together, and with that, trying to put everything else in place, too.  Now that LAW is back, there's way more stuff, and some stuff he wants put elsewhere.. ahhhh the pleasures of cohabitation and post-deployment. haha
Baby W*s BPM had been steady 150s until this last appt, it was in the 130s.  Dr P said it's totally normal, esp with those stupid braxton hicks.  ehh.  He did the 35-week check-up, too. OUCH.  but there wasn't any progress, besides him being head down and ready to party.  Either way, May 21 will be here before I know it.  I guess we will see if he wants to be here earlier than a week ahead of schedule.. and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.. haha.

I can't believe how swollen my feet get whenever I stand longer than an hour or two.. they seriously looked like Shrek feet when it first happened.  I couldn't stop looking at them and laughing.  I knew my hands had swollen up a few weeks ago (my ring doesn't fit anymore. boooo!) but they totally hurt recently, too.  Such is life I guess!

I get to go and meet a potential pediatrician on May 2nd, came highly recommended by Dr P.. hopefully dude is legit!

Nothing else to update for now.. hence the lack of updates lately... I feel like I'm hearing the same stuff at every appointment. Sad that I haven't seen Baby W* since FOREVER ago and won't until he's here!  I can't wait to meet him 

Welp, until next time!!! xox

Due Date: due last week of May, but scheduled for the 21st =]

How far along? 35w1d

Symptoms: holy heartburn, belly lovin', insomnia, party rockin' in my belly.

This week, Baby is the size of: a melon maybe?  

Total weight gain: +27

Gender: 'ello, Boy!

Food cravings: does wine count? :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: I still don't like scrambled eggs.. and tums are my bffs lately

Maternity clothes? yupppp

Sleep: I miss it so much =/

Movement: he bulges out all the time. except when I want someone to see. then he disappears into my hips.

Stretch marks? I thought I'd gotten some on my lower boobage, but LAW says it's just my veins. so nope. shocking!

Wedding rings on or off? off :(

Swelling? Shrek feet and hands!

Belly Button in or out? in

Labor Signs: nope!

Happy or Moody most of the time: hormonal describes it rather well.

Best moment this week: I got most of the bedding for the nursery, so I'm super stoked about it!!!

What I miss: my mom's cooking. and her spoiling me for having a big belly. ;)

Looking forward to: meeting Baby W* - so close yet so far away!!!

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