Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby you don't know what it's like to love somebody the way I love you

Just like that, twenty-two weeks rolls around.  Blessed.  That's how I continuously feel throughout this whole pregnancy.  I wouldn't trade the horrible first three months for anything in the world.  In fact, I can't wait to do it again. haha :)

Finally went in for my last appointment with the specialist, where we did final measurements and got to see a little bit of 3D Baby W*
The first matter in question was the gender.  Turns out... drum rollllllll.... just kidding, I already said on FB and IG that it's indeed a boy!  I'm so excited.  I've always wanted a boy, especially as the first born. There were a few minutes after first learning of the gender, though, that I got sad and wished for a little girl, too, but man!  Boys are just fun little adventures. And I'll have someone to keep a close eye when/if the girl finally comes later on. I think that's a great deal!
So they did some measurements, including the cervical one due to the surgery I had before and the risks that follow, but so far everything looks great and I "graduated" back to a regular OB full time and I'm technically no longer considered "high risk" for this pregnancy. HOORAY!!!!  The only bad part about that is that Dr. P does NOT have as cool/hi-tech equipment as Dr. C, but I'll settle in exchange for those great news!
Baby W* likes to keep his cute little hands near his face.  I noticed that's a trend with him any time we try to peek.  He keeps one covering his eyes, and the other near his mouth.  He was also playing with the chord and had it right in front of his face for the majority of the appointment, so it caused some images to be really blurry because the UC was in the way, but that's okay!  He's such a ham already.  You know what he wasn't shy about though?  Showing us his parts.  I think he wanted to make sure I had no doubt left.. probably more like he wanted to make sure my MAMA BEAR didn't, because I think she and Papa Bear still held out hope for a girl. haha! But yup, he had his legs spread wide open for us to peek several times!
The best part is that since he's still deployed, I had LAW on skype, and even if he wasn't able to see everything as clearly as I was seeing it, the tech was amazing enough to give me a DVD of the appointment to send to him.  So sweet.  LAW also got to hear the heart beat for the first time ever.  She measured it three times during our appt.  The first one was 156 BPM, then 148, then 144 or so.  I think maybe he was dozing off towards the end there.

I finally went back to physical therapy (knees) this week, and they hadn't seen me since Dec 14th, so the first thing I was told was "woah! there he is!"  I think that means my bump is officially noticeable. haha =]

Nothing else has been going on, he still kicks and punches on a pretty regular schedule, and it's amazing to feel him/see the movements taking place.  I'm excited to continue to watch him grow these next 18 weeks and finally meet him at the end of May! Meanwhile, I'm really looking forward to getting back to AZ and possibly TN for baby showers courtesy of my Mama Bear and my Memphis MIL! Hopefully if we can make it out to TN we can go see LAW's mom and grandparents in Kodak, so long as LAW drives ;)

I'll leave you with some pictures to hold you (me) over until next time.

22 weeks!

all of Baby W*'s measurements as of 01.22.2013
Thank you, Auntie Em, for Baby W*'s first books, and in Spanish!!

Due Date: last week of May 2013

How far along? 22w 3d

Symptoms: growing/itchy belly, movements, etc

This week, Baby is the size of: well, he's 1 lb 2 oz

Total weight gain: +5 lbs

Gender: 'ello, Boy!

Food cravings: nothing, really. just whatever I'm in the mood for that day :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: say no to scrambled eggs!

Maternity clothes? nope, just leggings and sweaters right now

Sleep: it's alright when I'm not worried about the break-in!

Movement: I think he's going to like jungle gyms.

Stretch marks? nothing new yet

Wedding rings on or off? on

Swelling? Nope

Belly Button in or out? in

Labor Signs: definitely not.

Happy or Moody most of the time: normal :)

Best moment this week: seeing Baby W* on the 22nd!

What I miss: LAW

Looking forward to: MM being home and getting to see adorable Michael, girls night tonight at a Spa with Misty and her girlfriends :) getting motivation to clean after the thieves, and maybe SF next week to meet up with my SSIL and SMIL. Love them!

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