Saturday, November 24, 2012

I was warned about those cravings...

I definitely slacked on updates this week... I'll be honest, it's been a hard couple of weeks with LAW being gone, and me being in a city with a limited amount of friends, zero family, and few things to do. The fact that it's a Holiday week definitely doesn't help, since I feel like everybody was busy with family, except for me. Yes, I throw myself pity parties every now and then.. I have a hard time distracting myself from the loneliness, and still getting sick so often doesn't help my cause. haha.

So I guess I'll apologize to my family and friends for not keeping in better touch these last two weeks.

Anyway, I had another doctor appointment for Baby W* this week.  This time, it was for "Sequential Screening" which is "a two-stage screening procedure offered during pregnancy to identify women who are at increased risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome. It also permits screening for open neural tube defects, such as open spina bifida, and the identification of pregnancies at high risk for trisomy 18."  The nurse took measurements of my baby's back, neck, size, etc. and pointed out Baby W*'s nasal bones, developing brain, toes, hands, umbilical chord, etc.

When we started the process, it looked as if Baby W* was just about to suck on his thumb, and then got really annoyed with us for bothering him. hahaha!  He was nowhere near as active as the last time I got to see him, all he did was put his legs up over his head and just rest there.  It worked out great for the measurement shots, but when we tried to do a 3D shot, he just didn't cooperate.  The nurse tried pushing down and wobbling my tummy around trying to make him move to no avail.  He gave us his back completely, and then shifted back to the original position.. Stubborn baby already!  I wonder who he gets that from... oops!

He has the cutest profile I have ever seen, seriously.  His nose looked adorable, so I hope that means he's getting my nose and not LAW's. Oh, and he had pouty lips, too. So those are mine too. HAHA :) But the forehead is all LAW's, I just know it will be.

My belly still looks like I have a food baby most days, or at least as if I really have to pee - which is probably the case 90% of the time.  I've been way more thirsty than ever before my pregnancy, so I already pee every couple of hours because I'm just not used to so much fluid in my bladder!

I have another appointment with my regular OB on Dec 10th and maybe I'll know the sex of Baby W* by Christmas time.  I have a really neat idea of how to let everyone know since I'm far away.  I hope you enjoy receiving the news as much as I will enjoy preparing a way to tell you all!

I've had two friends so far say they had a dream about Baby W* and she was a girl.  Most people think it's a girl.  I kinda do, too, but I remain undecided since both dreams I had so far, he's been a boy!  I'll be more than thankful with a happy and healthy baby, regardless of the gender. I'm already looking forward to different things depending on what's between those legs, though.

 I'm also desperately looking forward to the days of no more nausea.  It's gotten a little better these last two weeks, though I feel like I took a step back Friday afternoon and today.  The worst is getting sick and knowing I have to eat something again shortly after.  An empty stomach only makes matters worse, but getting sick has never been pleasurable, even after the fact.

Now, for pictures...

Due Date: last week of May 2013

How far along? 13 1/2, almost 14 really.. 

Symptoms: nausea, bloating, emotional

This week, Baby is the size of: a peach, a lemon, a shrimp, anything that's 3in long I suppose!

Total weight gain: I was 4lbs lighter than original weight. I should be catching up here pretty soon.

Gender: unknown

Food cravings: so, funny story... I knew I had a possibility of craving peperoncini, olives, or pickles - because I randomly crave those on the regular, and I didn't want to be caught off guard, so last time I went to the store, I bought one of each.  Well, sure enough, on Tuesday or so, I was DYING for a pickle, and went to my little jar and tried to open it, but couldn't.  I'm talking putting 10 minutes of effort into this stupid jar.  I started jumping up and down and semi-screaming at the jar and almost crying. Seriously, it was the most ridiculous moment I've had so far.  After lots of effort, banging on the lid with a knife, etc., I finally ate my pickle about 30 minutes later. The craving had been replaced with frustration, so the pickle wasn't nearly as great as it would've been on the spot, but it was hilarious none the less. I proceeded to have the same experience with the peperoncini jar the following day, by the way. And yes, I opened the olive jar already, sans cravings.  Oh hey, temper tantrums, I hope you aren't hereditary! 

Anything making you queasy or sick: the act of waking up, and the act of trying to fall asleep. :(

Maternity clothes? I still fit into all my regular stuff, so that's nice.

Sleep: when I'm not nauseous. yes.

Movement: i can't feel anything yet

Stretch marks? nope

Wedding rings on or off? on

Swelling? does my tummy count? haha

Belly Button in or out? in

Labor Signs: I have plenty of months left until that happens

Happy or Moody most of the time: LAW being gone makes me sad.

Best moment this week: seeing stubborn Baby W*

What I miss: LAW, energy to do anything.

Looking forward to: Dec. 10th and then going home for the Holidays =]

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  1. I love reading your updates and appreciate the rawness of them. I'm sorry you've been lonely AND nauseous. It will get better soon, I promise.

    My guess is a girl too! I don't feed into many old wive's tales EXCEPT for lotsa morning sickness=girl. There are always exceptions to each rule, though. *my mom had morning sickness for 9 months with Armando* I think I told you this already (pregnancy brain, turns into baby brain...it's turrrrible)


    love you!

    and ps

    baby's side profile is adorable!