Tuesday, November 27, 2012

counting my lucky stars

How are we already heading into December???  Not that November went by quickly (trust me, it didn't), but this year definitely did!  And with that, it brings me to 14 weeks of pregnancy.  Have I mentioned how much I really didn't think I'd get here?! Holy wowzers.  I count my lucky stars every night and am so grateful to be moving along this pregnancy!

As I mentioned in my last post, I did the first part of Sequential Screening last week, and they called me yesterday to say that so far, it looks great (less than 1 in 10000 chance of DS).  I still have to do the second part of the screening after Dec. 5, and that will test for the other strands as well as spinal issues.  I think the last step will be my appointment with them on Jan 10 to compare measurements and give me my final results.  Baby is looking healthy though :)

I also went to my regular doctor for a prescription follow up that I got when I came back from Cancun. There was a new nurse, and she definitely didn't look at my chart or even know why I was there.  I almost got undressed to discuss a prescription.. luckily I was on top of my game and corrected her and headed to the doc's office along with all my clothing :)
First thing doc asks, however?  "Did you have a miscarriage?"  Oh, hey doc, nice to see you too!  Sometimes doctors are really bad at communicating with their patients.  He said that considering I have no belly yet/I'm not showing, it was really meant as a compliment if I was indeed still pregnant... But given my history, he was worried when he saw me.  Go ahead, doc, just keep digging your grave a little deeper on this one... If it wasn't because I saw Baby W* only a week ago, that little conversation may have been much more disturbing than it was.  To all the docs out there, learn how to talk to patients if you don't already. Goodness!

Anyway.  Looking forward to the coming weeks - hopefully Baby W* will let us see if he's a boy or if she's a girl come Dec. 10th.  That's also when my furbabies head to the vet to remove their reproductive systems.  This is going to be a big step for momma-bear, since I really never wanted to do that to them.. but they can't have any more furbabies so it's time to end all that.  Poor things.. they don't even know what's coming.  Also looking forward to heading home to AZ and visit with my parents/family and friends for a couple of weeks, including Christmas!  And then it's off to Tennessee to see LAW's dad and stepmom, who have been trying to get me out there since I left this Summer, and more so since they found out about Baby W*  I really wish I could've spent Thanksgiving up there, but New Year's will have to do.

I hope you all enjoy the coming weeks and don't get too stressed out with the commercial side of the holiday buzz.  Remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season! ;) xox

Due Date: last week of May 2013

How far along? fourteen weeks. Boom!

Symptoms: this whole ligament stretching thing really hurts every now and then!  Still dealing with nausea and shortness of breath.. 

This week, Baby is the size of: orange you glad I didn't say banana?!

Total weight gain: negative 5 from 6 week weigh-in... not that I'm complaining since I'm sure when I start feeling like a cow I'll remember these weeks with lots and lots of jealousy. 

Gender: unknown

Food cravings: hahaha. I went and ate all the fried things I could find yesterday... nothing compares to Gus' chicken.. hopefully I'll be eating that in a month, though!

Anything making you queasy or sick: still no interest in eggs or pork.  morning and night are perfect for nausea monster to creep in, and every now and then, not enough fluids make me nauseous.

Maternity clothes? negative captain.

Sleep: I'm having a difficult time with sleep these last few nights, mostly just because I'm uncomfortable.

Movement: haven't felt anything yet, at least not that I'm aware.

Stretch marks? nothing I didn't already have!

Wedding rings on or off? on

Swelling? No

Belly Button in or out? in

Labor Signs: definitely not.

Happy or Moody most of the time: mostly sad about being lonely.

Best moment this week: today i made something really neat that I'm really proud of. so that!  

What I miss: sleeping next to LAW

Looking forward to: Dec. 10!

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  1. OMG, I totally forgot about ligament stretching. Yowzas! I'm so glad to hear that Baby W* is healthy and strong. Hang in there mama!

    I don't understand how hard it is the have some decent bedside manner these days. People need to learn to choose their words more carefully and think before they speak. Especially with something so delicate. UGH! Sorry you went through that BS

    Anyway, always thinking of you and your little peanut. Love and miss you! I hope you will stop by and say hi to us when you come to AZ!