Friday, November 9, 2012

This is going to be a looong Winter..

So this is going to be my first white Winter (I won't say Christmas because I may not be here for it, and I've already had a white Christmas in TN!) - But no mister to keep me warm or sit by the fireplace with me or make me hot cocoa with marshmallows or anything! Who's supposed to go out in the middle of the night and fulfill my cravings?  I'm certainly not. Not when there's snow on the ground, anyway!  Which may be sooner than I think.  We had our first snow in the city today.  Nothing major, no coating the ground or anything (it was melting shortly after touching ground), but the mountains have plenty of it already, and I hear you need to have chains on your tires if you want to drive out of here. Great.

Side note: Happy birthday to my FIL!

In baby news....

I had my last first-trimester doctor appointment yesterday, which also happened to be my first OB appointment with the new doctor I'll be seeing throughout my pregnancy.  I'd been extremely nervous about this appointment, and at the same time, really excited for it, in case the news were positive.  Still, after being told by every GYN so far that 1.  I was probably not going to get pregnant, 2. I was likely to miscarry if I did, and 3. I would have high-risk pregnancies even if I carried full term, it's hard to remain positive in between doctor visits when you can't SEE what's going on inside your belly.

Anyway.  The tech took me to the examining room and tried to listen to Baby W*'s heartbeat, but after 5-10 minutes of searching, she gave up.  She said, "maybe it's still too early" to which I replied, "Well, I'm a little over 11 weeks today.. is that too early?" And then tech said, "well...... *15 second pause*...... I'm going to get the doctor and he can talk to you."  That's when I experienced the longest ten minutes of my life.  I started praying that baby was okay and she just had a hard time finding the heartbeat.  After my five-minute prayer consisting of why Baby W* needed to be okay, I just kept repeating "Please let Baby be okay. Please let Baby be okay" over and over as I laid on that super uncomfortable table - legs propped up and everything.  When Doc finally came in and asked how I was, my voice was cracking as I tried to respond, "well, super nervous now since she couldn't hear a heartbeat."  Doc came highly recommended, and rightfully so.  He put me at ease immediately, and decided to do a vaginal ultrasound again to get a better picture of Baby W*

The minute I saw Baby W* on the screen, moving around and party rockin' in my belly, I started crying.  I was overwhelmed with this happiness and just feeling.. well, blessed.  I know I say this a lot.  But seriously, Baby W* is definitely my little miracle baby, and as big of a pain as it's been to be sick 24/7, getting to see Baby W* on the screen is just the most amazing thing I've ever laid my eyes on.  Let's not even talk of the heartbeat.  Nothing compares to the feelings I've been experiencing these last two days.  Doc said, "Oh, you're crying already!" I guess someone should've filled him in on my history and how special this whole thing is.  I have so much more faith in a successful pregnancy after yesterday's appointment, and being only days away from the first big milestone, the twelve week mark, I'm finally letting myself enjoy the slight belly I'm getting.

The only thing I wish I could change would be having LAW experience all these things with me.  It's crazy to think how different my body will be when he finally comes home.


Due Date: last week of May 2013

How far along? 11 weeks and some days

Symptoms: nausea, sleepiness, minor cramps

This week, Baby is the size of: a lime - my favorite =]

Total weight gain: So I'm still 7 lbs lighter than I was five weeks ago...

Gender: starting to develop!

Food cravings: so this one is a bit hard, because I want tamarind candy all the time.. but I mean, that's not much different than pre-pregnancy!

Anything making you queasy or sick: pork and eggs still.. raw meat/chicken.  it's impossible for me to even attempt to cook right now.

Maternity clothes? no

Sleep: I'm back to waking up at 2 AM every morning, takes me about 2-3 hours to fall back asleep, and wake up shortly after that for good.  Then I crash at 2 PM for at least 2 hours.

Movement: nothing that I can feel, but Baby W* was active as can be in yesterday's ultrasound!

Stretch marks? nope

Wedding rings on or off? on

Swelling? Nope

Belly Button in or out? in.

Labor Signs: definitely not.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I haven't been moody, just lonely and sad with LAW being gone. Hugs and kisses would be nice, they're definitely missed.

Best moment this week: seeing Baby W* move around yesterday. I'm in love.

What I miss: hugs and kisses.. eating without dry-heaving shortly after.

Looking forward to: twelve week mark next week.  One trimester closer to the gold! =]

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